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All Colombian Coffee is 100% mild washed Arabica, this feature makes Colombia the biggest producer of high quality coffee in the world. The reputation of our coffee is not limited to the species cultivated, but the processes involved after cultivation as well as the quality control supported by the Coffee Planter's Association of Colombia. These combined elements make Colombian Coffee unique and original.
About Us
We're a company involved in the selection of the best coffee grains, having 12 distribution centers in the main cities of Colombia.

I.M.I Corp is a Colombian Coffee supplier that is highly involved in the selection of the best coffee beans that are received from around 100 coffee family farms in Colombia. There are twelve distribution centers that are strategically located in the main cities of the country where the coffee bags are carefully checked to ensure 100% quality. Our logistics procedure is supported by a well-known and reputable company called Almacafe. The quality of our Coffee is not only derived from the optimal environmental conditions of our country; but it is also the result of the commitment and the dedication of the Colombian coffee growers and their organizations. The growers carefully select our Coffee in the moment the Arabica species is chosen and planted in their farms.

Green Coffee from Colombia

Green Coffee

We supply a full range of customers, from small-specialized roasters to mid-sized regional including large international groups. We offer the total quality spectrum of certified Colombian Coffee Arabica origin.

Certified Green Coffee

Coffee Certified

We are certified to trade under USDA Organic, UTZ, Fair Trade USA, Fairtrade International, and Rain Forest Alliance. I.M.I Corp has the experience necessary to respond to all of your purchasing, logistical and financial needs in a personal and professional manner. Our Coffees are packing in 70Kg bags.

Roasted Coffee from Colombia


We select the best coffee beans to produce roasted coffee ready for consumption. grown exclusively in a specific region of Colombia. Each one of them pays tribute to its origins and gives the opportunity to savor a flavor profile that is unique to a particular region. Coffee under our brand “Rio de Dioses”, “River of the Gods”
Colombia, Types of Cofee:
Colombian Excelso
Colombian Medellin Excelso
Colombian Huila Excelso
Colombian Narino Excelso


Our Brand - River of the Gods or River of Seven Colors

is a Colombian river located in the Mountain Range of a province in Colombia called “La Macarena, in the Meta department. The river is commonly called the "River of Seven Colors or “The rivers of the Gods” and is noted for its striking colors. The bed of the river from the end of July through November is variously colored yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red, the last caused by a special and unique plant called: Macarenia clavigera plant that grows on the riverbed. The strings of colors are similar of the different flavors of the Colombian Coffee and both represent the unique worldwide location where is produced, and the richness of our land.

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Quality Control

All the coffees are selected and verified by experts of FNC to warranty the best quality
Types of beans: We can supply different kind of beans classify by screens. We can supply certificated coffees, UTZ, Rain Forest, Fairtrade and others.

Types of Screen:

Sc 14 UGQ: Granumetry Large grain Granulometry: Large grain, mainly flat, even and retained above the 14 mesh with a tolerance of 5% below this mesh. Humidity: Not higher than 12.5%. Defects: Preparation UGQ 12 * 60 (12 defects of the first group and 60 defects of the second group in a 500gr sample). Maximum 24 fouls in 500gr. Cup: Flavor and characteristic aroma, free of flavors such as ferment, chemical, mold or rest.

Types of Screen:

Sc 15/16 EP (European Preparation)
Sc17 Supremo
Sc18 Premium


Shipping Condition: F.O.B Colombian Port / min 1 container 275 bags of 70 Kg each one Stuffing: FCL/ LCL Delivery: We have enough inventory, once L/C is opened and confirmed the container is dispatched to the port for shipping schedule into the next month. Yearly Agreements: We can supply each month under a forecast agreement and under L/C coverage Payment Terms: L/C Irrevocable and confirmed by an International Bank.


Specialized Services on Coffee

Quality Control of Coffee: Service applied for the Coffee Institutions, which includes the qualification and classification of parchment coffee of the National Fund of Coffee (Fondo Nacional del Café), the quality control in different production stages of green coffee and the quality control of the coffee that Colombia exports. As a support chain for the commercialization and transformation of coffee, we contribute with the insurance of the quality of the standard colombian coffee.

special coffee services - IMI Corp

Process which seeks to obtain the desired products under required laws, optimizing to the maximum the implented raw material. The outreach of our threshing service is for:
Threshing of Parchment for the production of Excelso and co products
Threshing of Microlots

Roasting Process:

Process in which the coffee is roasted through curves of heat transfer. With our next generation infrastructure, we provide storage and roasting services (partial or integral) of coffee, with the highest standards in quality and service, all according to the needs of the target market of the finshed product (roasted and/or ground coffee).

Design and Development:

Consists in obtaining new products in roasted and/ or ground coffee. The design starts with the selection of specific raw material that adjusts to the objective of the final product. Afterwards we set a definition of specific conditions of Roasting, Mixing, Grinding and Packaging until we get the deliverables as sample prototypes, data sheets and industrial implementation of production.

Mixing and Milling

Mixing: Process for the constitution of mixing in sensorial profiles until acheiving a unique profile of the product.
Milling (Grinding); Process of the exact grinding of coffee grains that guarantee the appropriate extraction of the drink in the corresponding method of preparation.

Testing for the Quality Analysis - Service performed to coffee, cacao and similar product samples with the quality certificate for the following tests:

1. Sensorial Analysis: Cup profile, basic Sensorial, ACD and routine Methods. 2. Physical Analysis: Analysis of appearance, Humidity, Grading, Physical Defects, Color and Density. 3. Microbiological Analysis: Ochratoxin Content A (OTA) and routine methods. 4. Chemical Analysis of water for sensorial evaluation: pH, Hardness, Residual Chlorine.

Measuring Insurance:

Service performed to insure the correct preventive maintenance, corrective and of calibration of laboratory equipments, with the aim of assuring the quality analysis of coffee. Currently Almacafé has the equipment and qulified personnel to insure the quality of service in testings and callibrations.


With packaging technologies of roasted coffee in grain or ground, the productive process is finished where the conservation of the sensorial profile and innocuousness is guaranteed. Among them are the Bags, Pods, Sachets, Drips, etc.

Flow Pack Bag:

This type of bag offers a clean appearance, due that it does not have any visible seals in the front side. Presentations: Gold Silver Black; Attachments and characteristics: brilliant (bright) and matte laminations - variaety in sizes, degassing valve, peel and stick.

Flex Up Bag:

Offers different types of barriers to gasses, humidity, smells and other factors. Presentations: Golden, Silver, Black. Attachments and characteristics: Degassing Valve and Zipper, Variety in sizes.

Flat Bag:

Horizontal exhibition (cushion type) or hanged with punctures. Presentations: Golden, Silver, Black, Transparent. Attachments and characteristics: Bright and matte laminations, varity in sizes.

Packagings laminated with paper:

Presentations: Flex Up Bag, Flat Bag, Flowpack Bag, Bag with Form. Paper 100% of sugar cane. 0% whitening chemicals.

Main Certifications
BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices - Buenas Practicas de Manufactura)

Certification given by Invima to Almacafé to process roasted coffee, semiroasted in grain and ground.

HACCP (Guarantee of Innocuousness):

Implemented practice to insure food security through the identification, analysis and control of physical, chemical and biological dangers from raw material, fabrication and consumption.

HALAL (Allowed practices for the Islamic community):

Implemented practices for the correct food management so that they may be accepted according to the islamic law.

KOSHER (Allowed practices for the Jewish community):

Practice of Alamacafé over the correct food management for the consumption in the Jewish world.

Organic (Certificate for the processing of Organic Coffee):

Certificate for roasting organic coffee according to national quality standards of raw material processed in a sustainable system.

UTZ (Certificate for sustainable agriculture):

Program which allows the manipulation of coffee of a raw material generated in good agricultural practices; of good social and environmental conditions.

BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce):

Certificate that guarantees the development of secure external commercial activities in cooperation with Governments and International Organisms.

Certificate of the System of Management Bureau Veritas 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:

Certification on best practices on specialized Service delivery on coffee.




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